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In this first clip, I try to take on a patrol of Hyenas and bit off more than I can chew. I did not expect them to have backup. Couple of things to note in this game clip:

  • First, the recoil on the AK-47 assault rifle seems to be straight up and slightly to the right. So, if you start shooting at the enemy's hip, the recoil will move your cross-hair up and give you a chance to get a headshot.
  • Second, using Blind Fire with a Shotgun is extremely effective, especially against Rushers. In the tail end of the video you see my character get rushed by Hyena Rushers. They are buffed with extra health, so a burst from the AK-47 was not even enough to take one down. Running out of ammo on my AK-47 and with the enemy so close, I switched to my Shotgun and just fired away without even aiming. Took down the Rushers just before they got to me.

In-game screenshot with HUD on.

Finished the Potomac Event Center Story Mission. This was the most fun mission yet. The Outcast Controllers use RC cars equipped with saw blades. Those are annoying. It is best to take out the Controllers as soon as possible.

The problem with the Outcast Controller's RC cars, is that they are heavily armored on the front and sides. So, just shooting it outright oftentimes won't be enough to bring it down. One way to try and protect yourself against the Controller's RC cars is by using the Hive skill. Place the Hive along the path that the RC car will most likely take to get to you. As soon as the RC car enters the Hive's attack radius, it will start taking damage. Hopefully, it will have taken enough damage that you can finish it off with your weapons.


Division 2 It's been awhile, but tried playing The Division 2 again. I initially could not play because I was getting a “Bravo-09” error. I'm not sure what caused that error, though my guess is that it was caused by switching to a new Wifi router. I tried restoring my Xbox and fully shutting it down and turning it back on; didn't fix it. The only thing that seemed to fix it was uninstalling and re-installing the game. After re-installing it, I opened the game and it downloaded a patch/update. And then I was finally able to login and play the game.

On to the game itself, the Striker Drone skill really helps when you're playing Division 2 solo. It gives the bad guys something else to shoot at. I especially like using it when I'm going one on one against an elite enemy. In this situation it will draw fire away from me, allowing me to get better shots in, all while also dealing considerable damage to the enemy.

I pair the Striker Drone with the Reinforcer Chem Launcher skill, which helps you stay alive when playing solo. It is basically used to repair your armor during battles. And since it is a skill, it simply recharges over time. So, it's not like you will run out of potions or anything like that, which is why I think it is a very good skill when playing solo. I also found out that you can use it to stop yourself from burning.


Quick break after a mission Quick breather after a hard mission

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I completed the DCD Headquarters mission. In this mission I went up against the Outcasts faction. This really was my first time doing a mission against the Outcasts, so I had no idea what to expect.

DCD Headquarters I looked it up on Google Maps and it turns out this building in the real world is the American National Red Cross bulding that is located near the White House.

The biggest surprise were the Outcasts Engineers. On the final battle at the courtyard, there were multiple Engineers on the battlefield. The Outcast Engineers use a remote controlled car that has like chainsaws on it, I don't exactly remember. Unlike the remote controlled bomb cars that the Hyena Engineers use, this one was armored so it can take a lot of bullets before going down. It also did crazy amounts of damage.


Did the Bank Headquarters main mission today. There was a plot twist in that mission that totally caught me off guard. I had to rescue a VIP, one who is very important to the game’s story. What a mission that was!

I did the whole mission using a Police M4 assault rifle as my primary weapon, with a Military Mk17 as my secondary weapon. The Mk17 with the ACOG scope on it was special. Good amount of damage per shot and seems plenty accurate even when shooting out of scope.

I have noticed that the Control Point supply rooms are a treasure trove of loot. The big box doesn’t restock, but the rest of the boxes always do. You are almost guaranteed to get a weapon, or armor, or both from just visiting the different Control Point supply rooms in the game.

I’m up to level 19 now, so 11 more levels to go before I reach max level.

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I redid the Jefferson Plaza mission hoping that it will unlock the greyed-out Castle Settlement, it did not work.

The Striker Drone has been really useful in helping take down elite (gold) enemies. It serves as a distraction and allows me to unload a whole mag into the enemy without even drawing their attention. It can also save my life in those “oh sh!t i’m about to be surrounded” moments by working like an ally on the battlefield.

I used to be totally dependent on the Stinger Hive skill, and to be fair, it has saved my bacon multiple times in the past. But the Striker Drone has a couple of advantages over it:

  • It is mobile and can chase around targets, as opposed to the Hive which is stuck in one spot once deployed.
  • You can manually target a specific enemy with the Striker Drone, which means you could have better control in the heat of battle. Like you could have it take out enemies trying to flank you. Or you could use it to soften up armored enemies so you can shoot them down faster. With the Hive, you are basically hoping that an enemy will run into it.

I have actually stopped using the Stinger Hive skill and replaced it with Striker Drone. I also try to only take it out once an elite enemy is on the battlefield. Otherwise I try to save it for those times when I’m getting overwhelmed by enemies.

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I did the DC-62 Lab Quarantine Side mission today. An interesting mechanic in this mission is having to shoot a door's access panel to unlock the door. I don't remember any mission requiring that before.

Anyway in the final part of the mission where you are asked to “Download the research archives”, the server containing the archive is located inside a room with a locked door. It looks like you can simply hop over the window, but the game doesn't allow you to do that. To open the door, you have to shoot the yellow access panel that is viewable through the window. In the screenshot below, it is located by the white spark near the center the of the screenshot. (Unfortunately I did not get to take a screenshot before I figured out what to do, so as you can see in the screenshot, the door is already open. What you want to be looking for is a yellow access panel. Generally, in this game yellow signifies something that you can interact with. There are yellow locks that can be shot to open a fence, yellow tarps that signify the ability to climb over a ledge and in this mission, yellow access panels that can unlock a door.)

Downloand the research archives

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