Game Clips | The Division 2 – 001

In this first clip, I try to take on a patrol of Hyenas and bit off more than I can chew. I did not expect them to have backup. Couple of things to note in this game clip: - First, the recoil on the AK-47 assault rifle seems to be straight up and slightly to the right. So, if you start shooting at the enemy's hip, the recoil will move your cross-hair up and give you a chance to get a headshot. - Second, using Blind Fire with a Shotgun is extremely effective, especially against Rushers. In the tail end of the video you see my character get rushed by Hyena Rushers. They are buffed with extra health, so a burst from the AK-47 was not even enough to take one down. Running out of ammo on my AK-47 and with the enemy so close, I switched to my Shotgun and just fired away without even aiming. Took down the Rushers just before they got to me.

This second clip shows my first time with a powerful Sniper rifle in the game. I don't remember what Sniper rifle this one was, probably an M700. You can see that it is slow, but powerful. It is capable of taking down an enemy with just one hit. I think this is only viable in lower levels though. At higher levels, enemies have more armor and health. They can take more hits from a sniper rifle before going down. And so, the slow fire rate and reload can become a liability.

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