Game Log | The Division 2 โ€“ 006

In-game screenshot with HUD on.

Finished the Potomac Event Center Story Mission. This was the most fun mission yet. The Outcast Controllers use RC cars equipped with saw blades. Those are annoying. It is best to take out the Controllers as soon as possible.

The problem with the Outcast Controller's RC cars, is that they are heavily armored on the front and sides. So, just shooting it outright oftentimes won't be enough to bring it down. One way to try and protect yourself against the Controller's RC cars is by using the Hive skill. Place the Hive along the path that the RC car will most likely take to get to you. As soon as the RC car enters the Hive's attack radius, it will start taking damage. Hopefully, it will have taken enough damage that you can finish it off with your weapons.

Teaming up with Agent Kelso for the final part of the mission was fun and hilarious.

I'm loving the Classic M1A rifle. It is very stable (minimal recoil) and each shot deals good damage. It usually only takes 2 hits to take down regular enemies. A head-shot can take out a Veteran Sniper.

I have since read that the the Classic M1A rifle had been โ€œnerfedโ€ months after I wrote down the journal entry above. So, my thoughts on it then, might not be applicable anymore. Anyway here is the only game clip I have of the Classic M1A rifle in action.

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