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Division 2 It's been awhile, but tried playing The Division 2 again. I initially could not play because I was getting a โ€œBravo-09โ€ error. I'm not sure what caused that error, though my guess is that it was caused by switching to a new Wifi router. I tried restoring my Xbox and fully shutting it down and turning it back on; didn't fix it. The only thing that seemed to fix it was uninstalling and re-installing the game. After re-installing it, I opened the game and it downloaded a patch/update. And then I was finally able to login and play the game.

On to the game itself, the Striker Drone skill really helps when you're playing Division 2 solo. It gives the bad guys something else to shoot at. I especially like using it when I'm going one on one against an elite enemy. In this situation it will draw fire away from me, allowing me to get better shots in, all while also dealing considerable damage to the enemy.

I pair the Striker Drone with the Reinforcer Chem Launcher skill, which helps you stay alive when playing solo. It is basically used to repair your armor during battles. And since it is a skill, it simply recharges over time. So, it's not like you will run out of potions or anything like that, which is why I think it is a very good skill when playing solo. I also found out that you can use it to stop yourself from burning.

To end this post, I'll share some game play videos below.

First one shows the Striker Drone and Reinforcer Chem Launcher in action. You can see my armor was in the red after getting hit with a couple of grenades. I deployed the Striker Drone just ahead of the battle against the elite enemy and used the Chem Launcher to restore some of my armor.

This next video shows how useful the Striker Drone is when playing solo and going up against multiple enemies, including a shielded boss. The enemy boss was so focused on my drone that he actually turned away from me, momentarily allowing me to get some shots in. The drone was also very helpful in destroying the boss' shield. And yes, I realized that I just wasted a grenade in this clip, throwing it into an empty space LOL.

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