Game Log TheDivision2 – 003

Did the Bank Headquarters main mission today. There was a plot twist in that mission that totally caught me off guard. I had to rescue a VIP, one who is very important to the game’s story. What a mission that was!

I did the whole mission using a Police M4 assault rifle as my primary weapon, with a Military Mk17 as my secondary weapon. The Mk17 with the ACOG scope on it was special. Good amount of damage per shot and seems plenty accurate even when shooting out of scope.

I have noticed that the Control Point supply rooms are a treasure trove of loot. The big box doesn’t restock, but the rest of the boxes always do. You are almost guaranteed to get a weapon, or armor, or both from just visiting the different Control Point supply rooms in the game.

I’m up to level 19 now, so 11 more levels to go before I reach max level.

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