Game Log TheDivision2 โ€“ 004

I completed the DCD Headquarters mission. In this mission I went up against the Outcasts faction. This really was my first time doing a mission against the Outcasts, so I had no idea what to expect.

DCD Headquarters I looked it up on Google Maps and it turns out this building in the real world is the American National Red Cross bulding that is located near the White House.

The biggest surprise were the Outcasts Engineers. On the final battle at the courtyard, there were multiple Engineers on the battlefield. The Outcast Engineers use a remote controlled car that has like chainsaws on it, I don't exactly remember. Unlike the remote controlled bomb cars that the Hyena Engineers use, this one was armored so it can take a lot of bullets before going down. It also did crazy amounts of damage.

On one instance where I couldn't shoot it down, I got hit before I could dodge out of the way. My life bar went down to like 10%. Good thing I had the Chem Launcher skill with the Reinforcer mod ready to restore my armor. To avoid getting hit, you have to time your dodge perfectly. The key thing to remember when going up against Outcasts enemies, is to prioritize killing their Engineers.

I also tested the use of machine guns in this mission. I've gone up to Level 19 and have never used machine guns. In one stage of the mission, I ran into an elite melee โ€œtankโ€ enemy. Brought out my Striker Drone to attack/distract him and peppered him with my machine gun. It worked really well. However the machine gun seemed to be a handful when going up against regular enemies who can move faster. The recoil on the machine gun just made it hard for me to hit enemies. The first or two bullets would hit, but after that the bullets just go up and away.

I got up to Level 20 after finishing the mission and stopped playing then.

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