Game Log TheDivision2 – 002

I redid the Jefferson Plaza mission hoping that it will unlock the greyed-out Castle Settlement, it did not work.

The Striker Drone has been really useful in helping take down elite (gold) enemies. It serves as a distraction and allows me to unload a whole mag into the enemy without even drawing their attention. It can also save my life in those “oh sh!t i’m about to be surrounded” moments by working like an ally on the battlefield.

I used to be totally dependent on the Stinger Hive skill, and to be fair, it has saved my bacon multiple times in the past. But the Striker Drone has a couple of advantages over it:

I have actually stopped using the Stinger Hive skill and replaced it with Striker Drone. I also try to only take it out once an elite enemy is on the battlefield. Otherwise I try to save it for those times when I’m getting overwhelmed by enemies.

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