Game Log TheDivision2 – 001

I did the DC-62 Lab Quarantine Side mission today. An interesting mechanic in this mission is having to shoot a door's access panel to unlock the door. I don't remember any mission requiring that before.

Anyway in the final part of the mission where you are asked to “Download the research archives”, the server containing the archive is located inside a room with a locked door. It looks like you can simply hop over the window, but the game doesn't allow you to do that. To open the door, you have to shoot the yellow access panel that is viewable through the window. In the screenshot below, it is located by the white spark near the center the of the screenshot. (Unfortunately I did not get to take a screenshot before I figured out what to do, so as you can see in the screenshot, the door is already open. What you want to be looking for is a yellow access panel. Generally, in this game yellow signifies something that you can interact with. There are yellow locks that can be shot to open a fence, yellow tarps that signify the ability to climb over a ledge and in this mission, yellow access panels that can unlock a door.)

Downloand the research archives

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