Game Log XCOM2 – 004 🎮

Found myself playing XCOM 2 and ended up frustrated once again. I very nearly got my whole squad wiped out in a “Retaliation” mission. The Muton enemy was so strong. It was able to consistently hit my soldiers who were in good cover and those who were on the rooftops with regular cover. Initially, I had it disoriented, which made it ineffective in combat. But I didn't have enough Flash-bang grenades to keep it disoriented until I could take it out.

I tried a new tactic of falling back into an overwatch position during firefights. The intent here was to avoid getting shot, while at the same time, giving my soldiers a free shot at approaching enemies. It works well against regular enemies. But it didn't work at all against the Muton.

I did learn one good tactic for a “Retaliation” mission that involves saving civilians. That is to make sure that the soldier approaching the civilians has a shotgun or a sword. And that the squad's sniper, has good line of sight to the civilian being approached. This is so that in the event that the civilian turns out to be a Faceless enemy, the sniper can shoot it, taking a good chunk of hp in the process. While the soldier who approached it, can finish it off with a shotgun or sword.

One other thing I learned is that if I'm taking the time to disorient an enemy, then my focus should be to kill that enemy before the disorient effect wears off. Leaving a disoriented enemy alone to focus on other enemies, usually doesn't work for me. I end up just prolonging the firefight.

One new tactic to try is to equip all squad members with Flash-bang grenades instead of regular grenades. The idea here is to keep annoying enemies subdued. I've already mentioned the Muton. There's also the Sectoid who can do mind control. And the Viper who can grab and hold one of my soldiers hostage.

The drawback to this tactic is that Flash-bang grenades do not damage enemy units. It only lessens their effectiveness in battle. That also means there will be less firepower for the squad. A regular grenade is an area of effect attack with guaranteed 2-3 damage. Most regular or injured enemies can be taken out by a single grenade. So, if I were to try this tactic, I need to be able to quickly take down disoriented units.

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