Spectacular Goals in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Goios is one of the strikers in the original Master League lineup in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. He has been so good that I have not had to replace him as a starter in my lineup yet. He is a goal scoring machine and here are two of his best goals from my first season playing Master League in PES2019.

This mid-air heel flick goal is insane! I couldn't believe it when I saw it happen. I can't even imagine how much coordination you need to have, to score a goal like this in real life.

This scissors kick goal is less impressive (I have seen a number of this before), but it is still pretty good. Again this is from Goios in Master League. Was originally trying to feed the ball into the center, looking for an opportunity to do a short pass. It didn't pan out, so I swung it out to the wing and crossed the ball in.

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