Save Your Game

Was playing some more Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 today and I was just reminded of an age old gaming adage, save your game.

I was in the second Transfer Window of the current season in Master League. The Sports Director was saying that I should renew some of the contracts of my players to avoid excessive salary demands in the future. Makes sense. So I went ahead and tried renewing their contracts. For some reason, renewing the contracts for some players did not give the option of extending the number of years in their contracts. I thought it was odd, but went ahead with it anyway. I guess I sort of just expected the contract years to automatically extend. Nope, didn't happen. So now I ended up increasing my player's salaries while their contracts would still expire in the same amount of time as before. What a waste of the team's salary budget!

Thankfully when I realized this grave mistake, the game hasn't done any autosaves yet. So I was able to force close the game, then resume from an earlier save point. Lesson learned, or you could say, lesson re-learned; save your game folks!

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