Game Screenshots | PES 2021 – 001 🎮⚽

I'm feeling the excitement for the start of a new Premier League season. So, here are some video game screenshots from PES 2021 to go along with it.

PES 2021 is probably the best looking football video game I've ever played. And when I say that, I mean both in terms of graphics and player animations.

And the ball. You have got to see how the ball moves in this game. I played FIFA 22 for a bit by the way, just to see what I'm missing. The ball physics in FIFA 22 just doesn't compare to what you get in PES 2021. The ball physics in PES 2021 makes the ball one of the stars of the show. It makes it move and bounce in a scarily realistic manner. The ball physics is definitely one of the best features in PES 2021.

These screenshots by the way were taken during my 2023-2024 Master League season. I play Manchester United and have new players in the team (in case you wonder why I have Manolas and Marquinhos on my team). I'll explain more about the lineup changes I've made in a future game log.

PES 2021 - Pregame cinematic - Sir Alex Ferguson Stand - Manchester United's stadium rendered beautifully in the game. Manchester United's stadium is rendered beautifully in the game

PES 2021 - Pregame cinematic - Game against Arsenal Pregame cinematic – A game against Arsenal, which is one of the licensed teams in the game. I mention “licensed teams” because...

PES 2021 - Pregame cinematic - Entrance against an unlicensed team, which is why the blue team's uniform looks generic. Pregame cinematic – A game against Manchester City, an unlicensed team in the game. Konami couldn't get the official license to feature them in the game, which is why their kit/uniform looks generic. If you were playing on PC and Playstation, you could use option files to fix this issue. But alas, that is not an option for Xbox users.

PES 2021 - Pregame cinematic - I believe this was a game against Olympique Lyonnais. And now another screenshot against a licensed team in the game. I believe this was a game against Olympique Lyonnais. If I'm not mistaken, all teams in Ligue 1 (French League) are fully licensed in the game.

PES 2021 - Pregame Cinematic - Huddle before kickoff Huddle before kickoff — I love how they intentionally did this off-angle cinematic.

PES 2021 - Pregame cinematic - Just before kickoff And for the last screenshot for today — just moments before kickoff. This is what my son's soccer coach calls “Soccer Stance”. 😄

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