Game Screenshots | Guild Wars 2 – 001 🎮

I previously decided to move my Game Screenshots series to my micro journal. That didn't really work out for me as I have since let my subscription expire. So, the series is back on this site. And since I've been playing some Guild Wars 2 lately, I'm starting it off with a new post about Guild Wars 2.

Human Guardian with the Luminous Heavy Armor set This is my Human Guardian. He is the character I use the most in the game. In this screenshot, he is wearing the Luminous Heavy Armor set. You can only get this armor set on your sixth year anniversary of owning the game. I've been playing Guild Wars 2 on and off since 2012. Me and my wife were actually beta testers for the game. This is still the only MMORPG that I will go back to time and time again.

In the lower levels of the city of Tarir, in the Auric Basin. This screenshot was taken in the lower levels of Tarir, a city in the Auric Basin. You'll end up here if you follow the story in Living World Season 3. In this screenshot, my character is wielding a Greatsword with the Cobalt skin on it. That skin is what gives it the blue glow when it is being wielded. The spectral shield that shows up in front of him indicates that he has the Aegis buff on. Which means, the next attack that hits him is automatically blocked. This is one of the things I really love about Guardians in Guild Wars 2. Lots of ways to block attacks.

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