Game Screenshots – Final Fantasy XV – 001 🎮⚔️

Final Fantasy XV - Certificate of Completion Final Fantasy XV – Certificate of Completion. Took me 34 hours to finish the game and I was level 43 at the end. The level matters because, there is a New Game+ mode after you finish the game.

Yes, that is an official certificate of completion, generated by the game itself. The game even allows you to select a photo for the certificate, although when I made the selection, I didn't know it was going to be used for this purpose. Still, a fun surprise after I finished the game.

I am blown away by this game. As I said in a previous post, the game has flaws, but man what an experience finishing this game. I will talk more about it in a proper game log post, but this is just an update on this game and this blog. I haven't been posting as much because I've been playing more, trying to finish games. And finally finished this one. What a really good game!

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