Game Log XCOM2 – 003

I'm probably on my fifth attempt at playing this game in Ironman mode. Here are some more things that I've learned.

EVAC / SkyRanger / Aborting Mission

On the Xbox One you can “abort mission” or call for EVAC, by calling the SkyRanger using the R3 button. There are some missions where this will not be available, like when there is already a fixed extraction point. You'll know when this option is available if it shows up on the upper right of the screen. Usually on certain missions, you have to fail an objective for this option to be enabled.

The main reason I've restarted the game in Ironman mode so many times is because I've lost so many soldiers in battle, because I did not call for EVAC, because I didn't know how. Now I do. Just today, I managed to save my highest ranking officer and a couple of other soldiers by calling for EVAC.

Also, dashing will still allow you to EVAC, as long as you end your dash inside the extraction point. I've lost so many soldiers in battle because I didn't know this could be done.


The Muton can apparently counter-attack a melee attack. I wasn't aware of this until I tried getting my Ranger to take it down with his Slash attack.

The Muton can also do a melee attack with its Bayonet. I lost a Sniper to a Muton because I didn't move him far enough. Fail.

Plated Armor

Plated Armor might be the most important upgrade early on. I originally thought this would only increase my soldier's hit points. Apparently it also increases the number of items they can bring to a fight.

This means that a Grenadier, can equip a grenade (mandatory), plus two utility items. If you equip your Grenadier with a Mindshield and Flashbang Grenade, it will be the ultimate Sectoid killer.

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