Game Log | Starfield – 004 🎮🚀

Character Name: Edgewater Class: Soldier Playthrough: 1st

Just had an encounter with Spacers (basically space pirates) while traveling to a different planet. At first, they were happy at having someone to bully. But after realizing that I was flying the Razorleaf, the ship that belonged to The Mantis, they apologized and grav-jumped away LOL. This surprised me as I didn't know that would happen when flying the Razorleaf.

This is a starship called the Razorleaf. The Razorleaf...

The Razorleaf is a starship that was piloted by The Mantis, a space vigilante. If you finish the quest line for The Mantis, one of the rewards you get is the Razorleaf. You also get the Mantis armor set, which is one of the best armor sets in the game IMO.

The Razorleaf in its stock form (you can customize/modify ships in this game), is arguably better than the Frontier (the first ship you get in the game). It has more interior space (has 2 levels) for your crew to move around in. And if I remember correctly, it could haul a bit more cargo and had slightly better engine and weapons. That said, I still like the looks of the Frontier inside and out.

While I don't have an interior shot of the Razorleaf, this is what the Frontier looks like from the inside. You can have companions/followers assigned as crew on your ship.

You can see above how my companions have nice dedicated seats to help with flying the ship. In the Razorleaf, your companions have a small cramped seat, kinda like the ones flight stewards sit on in a big airplane.

Must be noted that the second floor of the Razorleaf starship has some weapon racks you could put weapons on. So, I placed my best unused weapons on there. After going into Magnar to retrieve an artifact, I get back to the Razorleaf and my weapons are gone :(

^ This was a bug in the game that if I'm not mistaken, has already been patched. That said, I would save my game before putting weapons on the weapon racks, just to be sure.

Starting to get really addicted to Starfield. As you level up in the game, you gain more skills and powers. This opens up the game, giving you more combat options, more dialogue options, more ways to tackle quests. The game is slowly getting better and better.

I’m also enjoying the quests. They seem to be a new experience for me.

I also like the random encounters in space.

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