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Character Name: Edgewater Playthrough: 1st

To finish the โ€œCheck out your ship's inventoryโ€ mini quest in Starfield, you need to find the Cargo Hold in your ship and intentionally take out an item from the Cargo Hold. It is not enough to just browse the contents of the Cargo Hold.

Arrived at a new city named Neon. This is Neon, the 2nd or 3rd big city I visited in the game. From the outside it looks like some big fish market out in the middle of an ocean. But from the inside...

Neon is a cyber punk inspired city. Neon is a cyber punk inspired city. ...from the inside you will see that it's actually a cyber punk inspired city. Reminds me of the cities in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The Astral Lounge in Neon has people you can hire as crew for your ship or outposts.

I ran into a bounty hunter guy hanging out by the side of a door. So I'm guessing this city has a place where you can sign up to be a bounty hunter. Cool!

Note that there are some minor spoilers listed below...

For the mission with Walter Stroud that was to take place in the Astral Lounge, I managed to get security on our side. I also managed to gain control of the security doors in the meeting room. Getting security on your side only gets you one security officer though. I thought I would get like a team LOL.

Anyway, I didn't have to use the security officer option, nor did I need to use the security door option, because I managed to convince the seller to accept our trade for the artifact.

However, after getting out of the meeting room, we were confronted by a Slayton agent who wanted the artifact back. The dialogue in this confrontation gave me the option to actually have security handle the Slayton agent. But I didn't use it because I was hoping to de-escalate the situation. I ended up failing to persuade the Slayton agent to back down. He started shooting at me, so I started shooting back, the security officer started shooting, Andreja started shooting and the Slayton agent died pretty quickly. On my next play-through, I'll make use of the security officer option just because I'm curious what would happen if I do.

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