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First ever playthrough of Starfield. Here's some backstory on my character to help set the tone for the rest of my playthrough. Note that this is mainly for my reference as I continue playing the game.

My character's name is Edgewater. He used to be a Soldier before deciding he wanted to try living life as a regular citizen. He heard of a mining expedition in the planet Vectera and decided to join the crew. And this is where the game starts...

One of the earliest scenes in the game. One of the earliest scenes in the game. My character was about to head out into a mine with Supervisor Lin and Heller.

In the mines. Headed down into the mines. You can play Starfield in first person view or third person view.

So between here and the next paragraphs below, my character went from the game's introduction, to being in a new Earth-like city. I totally blanked out and didn't take any screenshots or write down any notes. So the next paragraph is the first set of notes/journal entries I have about the game.

Note that you will most likely run into spoilers starting from here on out. I'll try my best to minimize them, but I cannot guarantee this post will be spoiler free.

Visiting a planet in Starfield Early on in the game, you are given access to a ship, which allows you to travel to different planets in the game. This is one such planet. I cannot recall if this is New Atlantis or some other planet.

There is a “Research Project” system in the game. This is how you unlock access to weapon mods, spacesuit mods, outpost building, etc... Researching projects requires you to have the resources to complete the project.

I found resources I needed for research projects in the UC Distribution Center that is located in the Commerical District of New Atlantis.

New Atlantis is the first major city you'll visit in the game. It looks like a high end luxurious place to live in. Below is a couple of screenshots of what it looks like. New Atlantis New Atlantis

Picked up lung damage and a resulting cough when I visited Procyon III. The aid item that can cure those ailments is called a Boosted Injector. I found it while exploring an occupied cave that is full of dead miners...

^ While exploring planets, you are subject to environmental damage, depending on what kind of environment exist on that given planet. Your suit can protect you only for a short moment of time, before you start suffering the effects of environment damage. This is the beep that you hear when you're out exploring a planet. It will start beeping faster and faster as your spacesuit starts losing the ability to protect you from environment damage.

For some reason, the first place where I landed in Procyon III, wouldn't show me an anomaly on my scanner. I went back to the ship, pulled up the quest/mission tab again and set course for the “Scanner Anomaly” location again. This time though, when I landed, I got an extra XP for discovering a location, so maybe I was in the wrong location in the first place.

Anyway, I was able to find the distortion on the scanner by moving it around in a circle, scanning the horizon until I notice the scanner ring flicker. I kept moving in the direction where it kept flickering, until I found a temple. I found a huge artifact in that temple and it gave me powers.

^ These “powers” can be thought of like the different shouts you unlock in Skyrim.

After a slow start, the game is now starting to become interesting to me.

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