Game Log | PES 2019 – 007 🎮⚽

It's 2021 and I'm still playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. The game-play clip below is a great example of the core game-play loop that keeps me coming back for more.

After a few moments of terror, frantically trying to clear the ball out of the box, I get a second or two to breathe. Then it's straight into a counter attack. My excitement building as I start to see passing lanes forming before my eyes. It culminates into a shot at goal, at which point I get off my seat and silently scream (because the kids are sleeping), GOOOAAAALLLLL!

This game clip also highlights a variation of the 1-2 pass that can lead to a break in the defense. When my RMF David Concha gets the ball on the wing, I start a 1-2 pass with my AMF Casteldine. But instead of passing the ball back to Concha, to complete the 1-2 pass, I send it over to one of my strikers up front, Jarvis. He then sends a through ball down the wing to Concha who was still continuing his run. This then opens up the whole field for the final through ball pass into the box, where Goios beats the defender to the ball and scores.

One of the cool things in this clip is noticing Goios' reaction when the through ball was sent to Concha on the wing. He immediately sprinted forward and managed to stay ahead of the defender to get a shot at goal.

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