Game Log Fallout4 – 004

I finished another “Set up MILA” quest for Tinker Tom, this time it was at some Fish Packing Plant center. Reported back to him and he gave me another location to go to. Jeez will this quest line even end? He is almost as bad as Preston now, giving out never ending settlement quests.

I spoke to PAM and I got a quest to establish Jamaica Plains as a settlement. I’ve already discovered the location in the past but could not figure out how to make it a settlement of mine. Well now I know. I also managed to discover the “Treasures of Jamaica Plains”. I won’t spoil what’s inside except for one. If you play a melee character, there is a legendary baseball bat in there.

A new settler showed up on The Castle. I sent him to the County Crossing settlement. This event disproves my theory from my previous log where I said I already hit the population limit on my settlement, which prevented new settlers from showing up. That obviously isn’t true and something else is at play here. Either way I’m just glad to get new settlers.

I sent Piper back to the Sanctuary Hills settlement.

Lastly an interesting event happened at the Nordhagen Beach settlement. The other settlers supposedly found a Synth living among them. I had the chance to interrogate the settler and she admitted that she was a Synth and that she just wanted to live in peace. She didn’t seem to be a danger to the rest of the people in the settlement. So I decided to lie and tell the others she wasn’t a Synth. They backed down and let her continue living in the settlement.

I don’t know what would have happened if I told the truth. One guy wanted her dead, so I suppose they were going to shoot her if I did. It seemed cruel to me to have a peaceful person killed, even if they were a robot. I guess my judgement is clouded since I’ve already encountered other good Synths in the game. I don’t know if I made the right decision.

This is why this game is so good. The moral, philosophical and ethical decisions that you have to make in the game are interesting to me. If in the future we live in a world where robots are indistinguishable from humans except for a chip in their brain, do we treat them as equals or do we enslave them? That’s a good question that I don’t have the answer to.

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