Game Log Fallout4 – 003

Completed the “Set up MILA” quest at Mass Bay Medical Center. Was expecting some heavy resistance at the rooftop, but didn't get any. Actually there were no enemies until I'd gone down the building after completing the quest.

I ran into the classic issue of being “encumbered” because of too much loot. What can I say, I like looting enemies. Since I had Hancock as my companion, I was hesitant to call a Brotherhood of Steel Vertibird for a lift as I was worried that they might attack him (since he is a ghoul). So I had to walk around encumbered for a good amount of time until I found a location I can “fast travel” to. Dumped the extra loot at a nearby trash bin, then had to go back and forth to merchants and my loot until I was able to sell or save all of it.

I reported back to Tinker Tom at the Railroad HQ, who then gave me another location to set up MILA, at the Corvega Assembly Plant. Learning from my previous mistake of having too much loot at the end of the quest, I made sure to prepare for this one. I outfitted Hancock in Dirty Armor Fatigues with a set of “Deep Pocketed” Polymer Combat Armor. That would allow him to carry more loot than usual. And I did the quest using a Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor with calibrated leg pieces for extra loot carrying capacity. That quest was pretty straightforward and I didn't experience any issues with regards to enemies or hauling back the loot.

I just finished selling the loot from that quest and have to report back to Tinker Tom again. Also, some guy at the Railroad HQ kept telling me that PAM wanted to talk to me.

I think I figured out why no new settlers are showing up on The Castle settlement even with the recruitment radio beacon active; I've hit the population limit for that settlement.

If I remember correctly, the max number of settlers you can have in a settlement is 10 + Charisma. At the moment I have 6 points in my Charisma stat. So that means I can only have 16 settlers in The Castle. I currently have 17 settlers there, including other companion NPCs like Preston and Strong. So I think that explains it.

I'm going to have to figure out where to move those companion NPCs, or I'm going to pick another settlement and designate it as a “recruitment center”. Maybe I'll finally build up the Red Rocket Truck Stop settlement which is currently empty. Or if I want to be more thematic, maybe I should build up the Boston Airport settlement as the “recruitment center” haha.

Also before I forget, as part of trying to figure out why settlers are not showing up, I sent Piper to the Hangman's Alley settlement. I'll send her back to Sanctuary Hills the next time I login. I like to have my companion NPCs living in either The Castle or Sanctuary Hills. That way it's easier to remember where to look for them.

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