Game Log Fallout4 – 001

After reading through the list of Fallout 4 terminal entries, I guess it was unavoidable that I would get the urge to play it again. I picked up where I left off, trying to finish the Silver Shroud quest line.

I now remember why I stopped playing this game; I was trying to save Kent but I kept failing. I decided that for this play-through, I would just accept that I cannot save him and move on.

To fully complete the quest line, you have to talk to Hancock at the end. If you've already had the conversation where Hancock wants to be your companion, you might have a hard time triggering the talk to finish the Silver Shroud quest. What worked was to have Hancock be my travel companion, then talk to him.

Having Hancock as a travel companion has some benefits I never thought of before. Since he is a Ghoul, he doesn't get radiation damage. So I was able to bring him along to the Glowing Sea without him having to wear a Power Armor. I think the last time I was at the Glowing Sea was to talk to Virgil. I brought Piper along and we were both in Power Armors.

Reminder to self:

Note to self: This is why I can never seem to finish a game. I keep switching back and forth between the different games that I have. I think for this week alone, I played Divinity, Pro Evolution Soccer, Division 2 and now Fallout 4. I should probably focus on playing one game at a time, but honestly that can be boring.

It's funny to know that I've had the Fallout 4 game for a few years now. I've already logged around 132 hours in this game and yet I still haven't finished it. The main reason for not finishing it is because I cannot decide who to support, the Brotherhood or the Institute. Even now, I'm still not sure which side to choose.

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