Game Log D:OS2 – 003

It's been awhile since I've played Divinity: Original Sin 2, but after failing on my 5th Ironman Mode attempt at XCOM 2 this was a much needed change.

Note that there might be some spoilers in here especially if you are still early into the game. You've been warned.

I've managed to escape Fort Joy. By doing so, I ended up on a ship, the Lady Vengeance. However the ship is uncontrollable as it is tied to its current owner, Dallis. To wrestle control of the ship, you need to sing the ship a song. The song book is located inside Dallis' chambers in the lower levels of the ship.

To get into Dallis' chamber, you need two things: a password and a gem.

Once you have both, head to the door leading into Dallis' chamber. You need to have the gem on your hand before talking to the door. The door will ask you for the password and then it will let you in. I don't remember where the song book was specifically, but if you do a search on the whole room, you will eventually find it. I believe it was named “Dusty Tome” or “Dusty Book”, something like that.

By the way there is a guy in Dallis' chamber. Don't mess with him. If he stays alive, eventually he will turn into a merchant on the ship.

After finding the book, get back to the top of the ship. Talk to the ship-head and you will gain control of the ship. Before setting sail, you need to make sure you've done all the things you want to do, like recruiting party members and equipping the best weapons/armors available. You want to do this because once you continue your journey, you will end up in a really tough fight.

Lady O`War Battle

Eventually Dallis and her crew catches up to the Lady Vengeance. It is a difficult battle, one that took me 5-6 tries before I managed to beat it. You cannot win the battle, by that I mean you cannot defeat all the enemies. All you can do is keep Malady alive so you can escape Dallis.

Every single time that Malady died in this battle, it was because of Physical Damage. Her Magical Armor was almost always still half-full, so the focus should be on preventing Physical Damage. Malady will not heal herself or replenish her armor during this battle. It is your party's job to keep her alive until she finishes casting her spell.

If you are lucky enough to have a party member with the skill Fortify, who is close to Malady, then you are off to a good start. I was unlucky because Ifan, who was my tank, was the only one with the Fortify skill and he was setup on the other side of the ship. I had my Ranger and Cleric close to Malady but simply healing her wasn't enough. The only way I was able to win, was to keep teleporting Malady out of harms way. I had the Gloves of Teleportation on Lohse, while my Ranger had a Teleportation scroll. I kept teleporting and healing her until she managed to finish casting her spell.

By the way, I have Fane as a Wizard in this game and he was always the first one dying until I equipped him with a Wand and a Shield. The shield gives him the Shields Up skill which allows him to replenish his Physical and Magical Armor every once in awhile.

Using the Ballistas on Lady Vengeance can also be helpful as it deals significant damage on enemies. You cannot target a specific enemy with it though, so once it starts targeting Dallis and her companion on the other ship, you should stop using it.

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