Game Log D:OS2 โ€“ 002

Shadow's Eye Crossbow Ifan got a crossbow from Zalsekar the NPC. It had pretty high stats so I gave it to my Ranger. What a difference maker in combat! My Ranger now does some pretty good damage. Weaker enemies are taken out with just 3-4 hits. It probably also helps that I stopped leveling up my Huntsman skill and instead now focus on the Ranged skill, which increases damage from the use of bows and crossbows.

The idea to use the Ranger to strip out Physical Armor from all enemies in the battlefield is a good one. It makes multiple enemies vulnerable to getting knocked down with just one use of the Battlestomp skill.

Using the Restoration skill on Undead enemies is a good way to damage them. It also adds the Regenerating status, which means you end up doing โ€œdamage over timeโ€ for a few turns. Just make sure no one in the party needs healing before using it on an enemy, because it takes like 4 turns to come off cool-down.

Using the Rain skill is not only useful for putting out fires, but it can help expose cloaked enemies as well!

Lastly, an idea for a party setup in the future; 1 tank and 3 Rangers.

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