Game Clips | The Division – 001

When I started this online journal, one of my goals was to use it in place of social media. So, the idea was to post photos or videos here, instead of on Facebook or Instagram. Video game clips in particular was something I shared on Instagram. I no longer have a public Instagram account. And I'm running out of space on OneDrive because of my growing backlog of video game clips. So, I'm going to start a new series on here: Game Clips. These are going to contain video game clips from the various games I play/played.

To start off, I'm sharing a game clip from The Division. Before the release of the second game, this was one of my “go to” games. It is an online open-world tactical shooter that you can play solo. The story is engaging. The cover system in this game is really good, which makes combat enjoyable. It is a good game.

This video shows one of the regular side missions that you will encounter in the game. You have to “defend supplies” against waves of enemies. It can be hard if you get your positioning wrong. But it can also be fun if you get it right. Here I make use of my favorite skill in the game, the Seeker Mine with the Airburst mod.

Update 1: Vimeo still hasn't unblocked my account. I'll upload the video on YouTube sometime later and update this post.

Update 2: Vimeo has unblocked my account, yay!

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