Game Clips | Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Goal Compilation – Volume 1

A compilation of goals from Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. All of these goals were from my Master League games.

Let's start off with this beautiful free kick goal from Arcas. I surprised myself here with the amount of curve he was able to put on that ball. Wonderful goal.

This second one is the best goal that I've ever scored in the game. Gameiro does a beautiful run behind the defenders. You can see that he's running almost perpendicular to the defenders. Then Casteldine chips him a beautiful lob pass. And then when he gets to the ball, he uses his head to knock it down so he can take a good shot on goal. Up to this date, I've never seen another player do the same thing (in the game) with his head, to get a shot at goal. This was just a special goal.

This third one is another beautiful free kick goal from Arcas. The ball slithers in between the heads of two defenders, then ends up in the back of the net.

This fourth one is a wonderful counter-attack. The goal was scored by Petrucci, who is the backup AMF in my Master League team.

This last goal is a great example of when to use the 1-2 pass in the game. When the defender is marking your player closely, that's when you use it. If you time it just right, even a slow player like Goios can get behind the defense for a shot at goal.

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