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In my second play-through of Ace Combat 7, I flew the Gripen E for Mission 10. The Gripen E is a multi-role fighter, so it excels in both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. Mission 10 in particular has a good mix of both. The first part of the mission is comprised of taking out camouflaged SAM sites. While the tail end of the mission has you going up against a very agile prototype drone. In my opinion, the fight against the drone is harder than taking out the SAM sites. So, as much as I would like to have used the Gripen E's Land Attack Cruise Missiles, I opted to go with Short-Range Aerial Suppression Air-to-Air Missiles.

This first video shows footage of the Gripen E taking out SAM sites. You can see where having access to the long range Land Attack Cruise Missiles could have benefited me. At one point, while my plane was approaching two other SAM sites, I get hit head-on while trying to dodge at the last minute. Had I been able to use the Land Attack Cruise Missiles, I wouldn't even be that close to the SAM sites.

This second video shows some air-to-air combat with the Gripen E.

This last video shows the fight against the prototype drone. What made this fight easy was the use of Short-Range Aerial Suppression Air-to-Air Missiles. These missiles excel against agile enemy planes. Specifically, they will detonate if they are close enough to an evading enemy plane. The trick here is to use these special missiles along with the regular missiles and fire them in rapid succession.

So, you equip the Short-Range Aerial Suppression Air-to-Air Missiles, wait till you get a good lock on the enemy — preferably when they are flying in a straight line — then fire two missiles. Immediately switch to your regular missiles, then let loose two of those as well. You can see where I did this in the video at around the 33 second mark.

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